Best Selenium Training
Best Selenium Training

Selenium is one of the most widely used automation tools for Web Application Testing. Being an open source tool, Selenium has become the prime need of most of the companies. With its association with Java, Selenium has become not only easy to learn and implement but also saves a lot of time. Our best Selenium training in Marathahalli, Bangalore is designed to give participants the skills & knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in starting/enhancing a career in Selenium industry.


There are many reasons behind why you should learn Selenium automation testing, but prime reasons are – nowadays companies are preferring Selenium with Java for slicing the huge project cost and maintenance of the project. So, there has been a huge demand for Selenium Testers, especially based on the Object-oriented Java platform. We are committed to providing high-quality best Selenium Training in Marathahalli that helps the students and professionals in areas of Selenium through innovative programs and outstanding faculty. Successful completion of our best Selenium Training in Bangalore leads to placement assistance and participation in campus placements by SDLC.

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Our best Selenium training in Marathahalli, Bangalore trainers are experienced industry professionals and working in Selenium and related technologies for more than 10 years in reputed MNC’s, Our team of Selenium trainers offers Selenium Classroom training, Selenium Online Training and Selenium Corporate Training services, Selenium Webdrive Training. Students will have the option to choose their preferred course timings according to their convenience. Other Benefits includes

  • Practical Selenium training with hands-on examples
  • Instructor-led LIVE training sessions, you can ask queries directly to our instructor
  • Real-time LIVE PRODUCT used for training
  • JAVA basic training to ease your Selenium learning process
  • All materials PPT and daily notes shared during the course.
  • Selenium training by experienced working professionals who are passionate about automation testing
  • Course content designed by considering current Selenium requirements and the job market
  • Practical assignments provided to help you understand how to implement the concepts
  • Individual mock interview sessions
  • Course completion certificate (on request)
  • All-time support for your questions


selenium training in marathahalli

Our Selenium training in Bangalore provides the capability to automate any web-based application using selenium. You will also gain knowledge on writing test cases, usage of selenium GRID, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, etc. You can implement various frameworks such as Data-driven, Hybrid, Page Object model after taking this course. Once you successfully complete the course of Selenium Testing with Java, you are capable of

  • Learning the Selenium Architecture and its related components
  • Recording and playing the tests using Selenium IDE
  • Conducting the handling process of Alerts and Multiple windows operation
  • Authenticating the page contents making use of Selenium WebDriver
  • Drafting Tests using TestNG
  • Developing Reusable automation Tests
  • Producing Customized Test Results
  • Performing distributed automation testing using Selenium GRID
  • Working with windows applications with AutoIt.
  • Working with the Project dependency management system using MAVEN
  • Scheduling Tests with Jenkins, etc.


Any fresh graduates, students, working professionals, manual testers & who are looking for the best selenium training institute in Bangalore to transform as an Automation Test Engineer can go for this course. Selenium is the best automation testing tool that is in demand in the Software Testing Industry in India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc.. People having the fundamental knowledge of the Object Oriented programming tools can easily join our selenium training in Bangalore. Participants will receive up-to-date best selenium training in Marathahalli, Bangalore. We focus on multiple areas of Selenium via the thorough understanding of real-world projects.


best selenium training in marathahalli, bangalore

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  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Benefits
  • Components of Selenium
  • Selenium IDE, Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver & Selenium Grid
  • Selenium IDE
  • Introduction to Selenium IDE
  • Installation of Selenium IDE, FireBug & Firepath
  • Locators: id, name, link text, class, CSS, XPath, tag name
  • Creating your First Selenium IDE script using Record & Play
  • Selenium RC
  • Introduction to Selenium RC
  • Intro to Selenium RC Architecture
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Introduction to WebDriver
  • Installation of Selenium Web driver
  • Creating your First test script using WebDriver
  • Parameterising Tests using Webdriver & Excel File.
  • Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Webdriver
  • Usage of asserts, Selenium WebDriver Commands
  • Locating Page and UI Elements
  • Commands for Text-boxes, Buttons
  • Commands for Radio buttons, Check-boxes
  • Commands for Select tag/Lists/Drop-downs, Tables
  • Commands to deal with Alerts, Popups and Multiple Windows
  • WebDriver Wait Conditions(Implicit & Explicit Waits)
  • Automation Frameworks: What are Automation Framework & Benefits
  • Types of Framework: Fundamental Concept of Data-driven, Keyword Driven & Hybrid FW
  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Overview of Features of TestNG
  • TestNG Annotations : @Test, BeforeMethod, AfterMethod, AfterTest, BeforeTest
  • Test Case Priority, DependsOn
  • TestNG Results output folder
  • Writing TestNG test case using the above annotations
  • Overview of Selenium Grid


  • What is Automation Framework?
  • What is Automation Framework?
  • Benefits of Automation Framework
  • Types of Framework with Selenium
  • TestNG
    • What is TestNG?
    • Benefits of TestNG
    • Installation of TestNG
    • Creation of TestNG Testcase
    • Creation of TestNG Test Suite
    • TestNG Annotations
    • Annotations @Test, BeforeMethod,
    • TestNG Annotations : @Test, AfterTest
    • BeforeTest, BeforeMethod, AfterMethod
    • BeforeSuite, AfterSuite,
    • Usage of DataProvider.
    • Grouping Tests.
    • TestNG Results output folder
    • Sequencing: DependsOn, Priority
  • Data-driven Framework
    • What is DataDriven Framework?
    • Benefits of DataDriven Framework
    • Design Principles of DataDriven Framework
    • Designing CORE FRAMEWORK Structure
    • Build Utility Functions
    • Reading TestData From Excel
    • Writing test result onto Excel
    • Using Assert & Soft Asserts
    • Build Base functions & validation functions
    • Integrating all the components
  • Keyword-driven Framework
    • What is Keyword Driven Framework
    • Benefits of KWDFW
    • Design Principles of Keyword Driven Framework
    • Designing CORE FRAMEWORK Structure
    • Identifying keywords & creating excel
    • Building excel file – test cases, methods, Xpath, test data
    • Build Utility Functions – get data, put data, get the row count
    • Build Base functions & validation functions
    • Integrating all the components
  • Hybrid Framework
    • What is the Hybrid Framework?
    • Benefits of Hybrid Framework
    • Design Principles
    • Designing CORE FRAMEWORK Structure
    • Designing the controlling excel file
    • Building excel file – test cases, methods, Xpath
    • Building excel file – test data for each feature
    • Building base functions
    • Using Assert & Soft Asserts
    • Integrating all the components
  • Page Object Model with Page Factory(POM)
    • The Concept of Page Object Model
    • Build Page classes
    • Build basic reusable functions
    • Implement PageFactory Design Pattern
    • Annotations in Page Object Model Page Factory
    • The Concept of inheritance in java
    • Using Assert & Soft Asserts
    • Integrating the components
  • Other Advanced Topics
    • Introduction to Maven
    • Features of Maven
    • Advantages of Maven
    • Introduction to Jenkins
    • Features of Jenkins
    • Advantages of Jenkins


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We are the best training Institute offering certification oriented best Selenium Training in Bangalore. The participants will be eligible to clear all type of selenium interviews at end of our training sessions. Our trainers always start teaching with basics and then move to advance stuff. In this way, Students have a clear understanding of every concept. Our best Selenium training in Marathahalli will also teach you some basic concepts of Java. So, If you are someone who always looks for quality training rather than anything else, Book a FREE DEMO CLASS Now.

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