best loadrunner training in bangalore

SDLC Software Training Institute provides Best LoadRunner training in Bangalore. LoadRunner is a software testing tool which is used to test application, measuring system behavior and performance under load. LoadRunner can simulate thousands of users concurrently using application software, recording and later analyzing the performance of key components of the application.

Best LoadRunner Training in Bangalore

In Bangalore, SDLC Software Training Institute is one of the best LoadRunner Training in Bangalore. The topics covered in LoadRunner Training include latest and best real-time examples that are aimed to help students in getting the right job so after the completion of Training. We have a team of expert instructors having more than 5 years of experience in LoadRunner testing tool So, Students will also be able to know about the real-life scenarios of LoadRunner. We are Providing good learning environment, regular assistance and well-catalogued training procedures are the key features of the best LoadRunner training in Bangalore.

Why LoadRunner?

  • HP’s Load/Stress testing tool for web and other applications.
  • Load creates virtual uses to simulate real users and performs the test/ generates data to test the System.
  • Supports a wide variety of application environments platform databases and tracing of a bottleneck.
  •  LoadRunner enables you to test your system under controlled and peak load conditions.
  • As a test tool, it is integrated with HP Quality centre-all scripts created in LoadRunner can be added to the HP QC test plane module.

LoadRunner Training program at SDLC is designed to cover all the topics based on the real time scenarios, enabling students to take advantage of best and latest practices with Software Testing industry. SDLC Software Training offers the best LoadRunner training in Bangalore with an option to choose your desired time and batch.

Our Training Process

best LoadRunner training in Bangalore

Course content

Day Topics Sub Topics(Theory+Practical)
1. Testing overview Manual and Automation Testing
2. Performance Testing(PT) PT Lifecycle and PT tools
3. Load Runner Overview Architecture and Components of Load Runner
4. Correlation Manual and autocorrelation
5. Correlation Correlations arguments
6. Parameterization Parameter Types and Parameter properties
7. Checkpoints Image and Text checkpoint
8. Functions LR functions
9. Functions Web functions
10. RTS and Recording Options RTS tabs and Recording options
11. Interview questions on Vugen Vugen real time interview questions
12. Controller Overview Controller Terms and Types of Scenarios
13. Design Tab Goal Types and Run Modes
14 RTS in controller


RTS,SLA, and Rendezvous point
15. Common output Messages Common output messages
16. Analyzer Analyzer terms and windows
17. Graphs Types of graphs and Relationship
18. Client-side Statistics Merging graph types and web page diagnostics
19. Counters System, server counters
20. Bottleneck 1. Memory leakage and Garbage collection1.

2.CPU Utilization

3.Network bottlenecks

4.Database bottlenecks

21. Performance Centre(PC) PC usage and execution
22. Interview questions on controller and Analyzer Real time interview questions


Our trainers always start teaching with basics and then move to advance stuff. In this way, Students have a clear understanding of every concept. Our best LoadRunner training in Bangalore will also teach you some concepts related to other Testing methods. So, If you are also someone who always looks for quality training rather than anything else, Book a FREE DEMO CLASS Now.

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