Class Room Training Model

Advantages of Classroom training

  1. Because of the increased span of teaching time, longer cooperative learning activities can be completed in one class periods.
    Also, there is more time for labs in science classes.
  2. Students have less information to deal with over the course of a school day.
  3. Because of the decreased number of classes, students have less homework on any given day during the week.
  4. The teacher is able to provide more varied instruction during class. Thus, it is easier to deal with students with disabilities and differing learning styles.
  5. Planning periods are longer. It seems that with a longer span of time, planning becomes easier and more gets done.

Downfalls of Classroom training

  1. In the modified block I taught under, teachers only saw students four times a week
    (for ex. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) which means that students lost continuity on their off days.
  2. If a student misses a day under the modular schedule, that student is actually missing two,
    or sometimes even more days.
  3. No matter how well planned, on many days the teacher ends up with 10-15 minutes for the students to begin their
    homework. When all of the time is added up at the end of the semester, less information and material is covered.
    This is especially true in a modified block schedule.
  4. In the 4X4 schedule, all of the information taught in a semester course has to be covered in one quarter.
    In an Economics class at a typical high school, if the quarter happens to be during
    football season while homecoming is occurring, the teacher can lose valuable class time due to interruptions.
  5. In the 4X4, it is especially difficult to cover the necessary material for Advanced Placement courses in
    the time allotted. Many schools have to extend United States History, for example, so that it is a two part
    course and lasts the entire year in order to get all of the material taught.
  6. There is no evidence the block scheduling works. Two studies, one done in Canada and one completed in
    Texas, have some definite negatives to say about the Block Schedule.

Online Training Model

The definition of online courses varies, depending on the education level you’re at and the type of course
you’re taking. Obviously, at all levels, e-learning involves taking a course via a computer.
An official definition would be a “network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge using a computer.”
In reality, this is accomplished in a few different ways.
Master’s degree courses, particularly business and nursing programs are often set up in “cohorts.”
This means that you’re assigned to a team of students, who work together on papers or projects.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training is crucial for organizational development and its success which is indeed fruitful to
both employers and employees of an organization. Here are some important benefits of training and development.

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Less supervision
  3. Job satisfaction
  4. Skills Development

Software Development Consultancy

Simple strategies for change

Through in-depth discussions and analysis of your business we will understand and agree what needs to change.
Your overall strategies for growth and your business challenges and processes become clear through the Business
Consultancy process. We will agree the solutions required and prioritise a roadmap for change with you,
targeting those technology changes that maximise business benefit and are delivered in line with available budgets.

Understanding your business

We take time to understand your business vision and your inhibitors to growth or performance,
we will be asking you “why” a lot and we’ll listen very carefully. We have an unusual degree of business
acumen and expect to become deeply integrated with our clients’ businesses while we carry out our consultancy.

The value of a well-laid plan

We’ll work with you to create a roadmap which outlines how to get from where you are today to where you want
to be in order to realise your business vision. Our Consultancy Services include the creation of technical and
business strategy documentation. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of these documents and the
depth of the process from which they are borne.