Selenium Training in Marathahalli, Bengaluru
Selenium Training in Marathahalli, Bengaluru

Selenium Training

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Selenium Training Course

Selenium Training Course/Program at SDLC training is designed to give participants the skills & knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in starting / enhancing a career in Selenium industry. Participants receive up-to-date training in multiple areas in Selenium and a thorough understanding of real-world projects.

The Selenium course has been constituted towards the needs of current industry standards. While we will continue to emphasize our own basic academics, we are also aware that our students require Selenium competencies that enhance employment and livelihood opportunities. Clearly the perspective of will be to continuously demonstrate the quality in the delivery of technology.

We are committed to provide:

  • High quality Selenium training
  • Helps the students and professionals in areas of Selenium
  • Innovative programs and outstanding faculty

Post Successful completion of Selenium Training Course leads to placement assistance and participation in campus placements by SDLC.

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dotnet training in marathahalli

Swathi Reddy

The way of teaching is very good at SDLC. The trainer is also very good.


This institute focuses on fundamentals and so the training was good. I got all my confusions cleared.

Subham K

I liked the training procedure very much. They focuses on practicals more than theory.


Learning Java at SDLC helped me a lot in getting my First Job.

Satheesh Kumar

I have done a course in core java from SDLC training marathahalli and the trainer is very good at explaining things.

People who want to make a career in automation testing or just want to upgrade your skills by learning Selenium should definitely join this course. Either you are a student or an IT professional or someone who is looking for a job, Our best Selenium Training in Bangalore will not just fit in your budget but will also convert you into a professional Selenium developer/programmer.

Demo Class : Free Demo Session, Flexible TimingsFree Class : Attend 3 Free Classes to check training Quality
Regular : 2 Hour per dayFast Track : 3 – 4 Hours per day: 10 days
Weekdays : AvailableWeekend : Available
Online Training : AvailableClass Room Training : Available
Course Fee : Talk to our Customer SupportDuration : 45 Hours

Selenium Training Course Content

Java Course Content

  1. Introduction to Java Platform
  2. Introduction to JVM, JDK, JRE
  3. A sample program
  4. Datatypes, keywords
  5. Flow Control
    1. If-then-else
    2. Switch-Case
    3. For, Break, Continue
    4. While, Do While
  6. Scanner Class
  7. Arrays
    1. 1D-Arrays
    2. 2D Arrays of various data types
  8. Strings
    1. Usage of String functions like len, compare, substring etc.
  9. OOPS Features in JAVA
    1. Class & Object
    2. Encapsulation & Data Abstraction
    3. Inheritance & Polymorphism
    4. Exception Handling
      1. What is an Exception
      2. Types of Exceptions
      3. Handling Exceptions
      4. Try & Catch
    5. Excel File Handling(Using Apache POI)
      1. Data Input methods for a particular file, sheet, row & cell.
      2. Data output methods a particular file, sheet, row & cell.
      3. Counting the rows & columns
      4. Usage of the index for rows & columns
      5. Exception Handling during excel file handling
      6. Handling multiple rows & columns
      7. Creation of user-defined function for excel file handling

Selenium course content

  1. Benefits
  2. Components of Selenium
    1. Selenium IDE
    2. Selenium RC
    3. Selenium WebDriver & Selenium Grid
    4. Selenium IDE
    5. Introduction to Selenium IDE
    6. Installation of Selenium IDE
    7. FireBug & Firepath
    8. Locators : id, name, link text, class, css, xpath, tagname
    9. Creating your First Selenium IDE script using Record & Play
    10. Selenium RC
      1. Introduction to Selenium RC
      2. Intro to Selenium RC Architechture
    11. Selenium Webdriver
      1. Introduction to WebDriver
      2. Installation of Selenium Webriver
      3. Creating your First testscript using WebDriver
      4. Parameterising Tests using Webdriver & Excel File.
      5. Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Webdriver
      6. Usage of asserts, Selenium WebDriver Commands
      7. Locating Page and UI Elements
      8. Commands for Text-boxes, Buttons
      9. Commands for Radio buttons
      10. Check-boxes
      11. Commands for Select tag/Lists/Drop-downs,
      12. Tables
      13. Commands to deal with Alerts,
      14. Popups and Multiple Windows
      15. WebDriver Wait Conditions(Implicit & Explicit Waits)
    12. Automation Frameworks :
      1. What is Automation Framework & Benefits
      2. Types of Framework :
      3. Fundamental Concept of Datadriven
      4. Keyword Driven & Hybrid FW
    13. Introduction to TestNG
      1. Overview of Features of TestNG
      2. TestNG Annotations
        1. @Test
        2. BeforeMethod
        3. AfterMethod
        4. AfterTest
        5. BeforeTest
      3. Test Case Priority
      4. DependsOn
      5. TestNG Results output folder
      6. Writing TestNG test case using the above annotations
      7. Overview of Selenium Grid

How will I do the Lab Practice?

We have the technically updated lab to give you the best hands-on project experience.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors were the best industry and domain knowledge professionals with 5+ years of experience in Selenium training in Bangalore.

What if I miss a class?

We will provide you the backup classes if you miss any session. You can continue the missed classes from next batch.

How can I request for a demo class?

You can either walk-in to our SDLC training institute in Marathahalli, or you can send the query to us from the website then we can arrange the Selenium training demo session for you.

What are the payment options?

You can pay directory or you can transfer the money online. We also accept cards.

Will I get the required software from institute?

Definitely you can get or access the software from our server or we can provide the required software to you depending on the course.

Is there any offer or discount I can avail?

Yes, you can find the best offers and discounts which are vary time to time you can check with us.