Oracle GoldenGate Training in Marathahalli, Bengaluru
Oracle GoldenGate Training in Marathahalli, Bengaluru

Oracle GoldenGate Training

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Oracle golden gate Training in Bangalore

SDLC Traning Institute is a prominent name in the bangalore’s best Oracle Golden Gate training institutes. We are one stop solution for people looking for top and best Oracle Golden Gate training institutes in & at Bangalore. We offer best Oracle Golden Gate course training at Marathahalli, Bangalore with experienced trainers in Oracle Golden Gate industry. We provide 100% placement assistance and make you work on live projects.



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SDLC Training is rated as one of the Best Oracle Golden Gate Training Institute in Bangalore based on Google and other third party reviews. Trainers at SDLC are handpicked from Oracle Golden Gate Industry and they have a minimum of 5 years of experience in implementing Oracle Golden Gate Technology. All Oracle Golden Gate Trainers are Professional real-time working consultants who offer hands on experience based on live scenarios.

Oracle Golden Gate training center in Bangalore is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for providing you real time training experience. We also provide Oracle Golden Gate certification training program. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our students in major MNC Companies, after successful completion Oracle Golden Gate Training course. We provide 100% placement support for our students.

Swathi Reddy

The way of teaching is very good at SDLC. The trainer is also very good.


This institute focuses on fundamentals and so the training was good. I got all my confusions cleared.

Subham K

I liked the training procedure very much. They focuses on practicals more than theory.


Learning Java at SDLC helped me a lot in getting my First Job.

Satheesh Kumar

I have done a course in core java from SDLC training marathahalli and the trainer is very good at explaining things.

People who want to make a career in Oracle GoldenGate or just want to upgrade your skills by learning Oracle GoldenGate should definitely join this course. Either you are a student or an IT professional or someone who is looking for a job, Our best Oracle GoldenGate Training in Bangalore will not just fit in your budget but will also convert you into a professional Oracle GoldenGate developer/programmer.

Demo Class : Free Demo Session, Flexible TimingsFree Class : Attend 3 Free Classes to check training Quality
Regular : 2 Hours per dayFast Track : 2 – 3 Hours per day: 10 days
Weekdays : AvailableWeekend : Available
Online Training : AvailableClass Room Training : Available
Course Fee : Talk to our Customer SupportDuration : 30 Hours


Technology Overview

• Creating Oracle GoldenGate Topologies
• Reviewing Oracle GoldenGate Use Cases
• Assembling Building Blocks
• Listing Supported OS
• Listing Supported Databases
• Listing the Oracle GoldengGate Product Line
• Describing GUI Management Options
• Listing Non-Database Sources and Targets

Oracle GoldenGate Architecture

• Describing Oracle GoldenGate Process Groups
• Explaining Change Capture and Delivery (with and without a Data Pump)
• Explaining Initial Data Load
• Contrasting Batch and Online Operation
• Explaining Oracle GoldenGate Checkpointing
• Describing Commit Sequence Numbers (CSN)
• Describing Oracle GoldenGate Files and Directories

Installing Oracle GoldenGate

• Listing System Requirements
• Performing Installation
• Configuring Environment Variables
• Using GGSCI
• Running Oracle GoldenGate from the OS shell.

Configuration Overview and Preparing the Environment

• Reviewing Configuration Overview
• Configuring Manager Process
• Creating Source Definitions
• Preparing the Source Database
• Assigning Oracle Database Roles/Privileges Required

Configuring Change Capture (Extract)

• Reviewing Extract Overview
• Accessing Logs on Oracle ASM
• Accessing Logs Remotely
• Configuring Extract Tasks
• Adding Extract Group
• Editing Extract Parameters
• Extracting Use of Archived Transaction Logs
• Adding Trails

Configuring Change Delivery (Replicat)

• Reviewing Replicat Overview
• Configuring Replicat Tasks
• Configuring a Sample Environment
• Configuring New Integrated Replicat

Configuring Extract Trails and Files (Data Pump)

• Reviewing Extract Trails and Files Overview
• Describing Trail Formats
• Using Logdump for Viewing Trails
• Reversing the Trail Sequence
• Configuring and Using Data Pumps

Performing Initial Load

• Oracle GoldenGate Methods
• Listing Database-specific Methods
• Describing Resource Limitations
• Listing Advantages of Oracle GoldenGate Methods
• Configuring File Load Methods
• Configuring Direct Load Methods
• Handling Collisions with Initial Load

Editing Configuration Parameters

• Editing Parameter Files
• Contrasting GLOBALS versus Process Parameters
• Configuring GLOBALS Parameters
• Configuring Manager Parameters
• Configuring Extract Parameters
• Configuring Replicat Parameters

Filtering and Data Selection

• Filtering and Data Selection
• Mapping Columns Between Different Schemas
• Using Built-in “@” (at) Functions
• Using SQLEXEC to Interact Directly with a Database
• Configuring New Coordinated Replicat

Additional Transformation Concepts

• Configuring and Using Macros
• Configuring and Using User Tokens
• Configuring and Using User Exits
• Configuring and Using Oracle Sequences

Configuration Options

• Configuring and Using BATCHSQL
• Configuring and Using Compression
• Configuring and Using Encryption
• Configuring and Using Event Actions

• Bi-Directional Replication

  Bidirectional Replication
• Reviewing Bidirectional Considerations
• Detecting Loops
• Avoiding Conflicts
• Configuring and Using Conflict Detection and Resolution
• Describing Identity Types Issues

DDL Replication

• Reviewing Data Description Language Replication Overview
• Configuring and Using Options for DDL Replication
• Configuring and Using String Substitution in DDL


• Replication between Oracle and  xyz db

How will I do the Lab Practice?

We have the technically updated lab to give you the best hands-on project experience.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors were the best industry and domain knowledge professionals with 5+ years of experience in Oracle Golden Gate training in Bangalore.

What if I miss a class?

We will provide you the backup classes if you miss any session. You can continue the missed classes from next batch.

How can I request for a demo class?

You can either walk-in to our SDLC training institute in Marathahalli, or you can send the query to us from the website then we can arrange the Oracle Golden Gate training demo session for you.

What are the payment options?

You can pay directory or you can transfer the money online. We also accept cards.

Will I get the required software from institute?

Definitely you can get or access the software from our server or we can provide the required software to you depending on the course.

Is there any offer or discount I can avail?

Yes, you can find the best offers and discounts which are vary time to time you can check with us.