NodeJS Training in Marathahalli, Bengaluru
NodeJS Training in Marathahalli, Bengaluru

Node.js Training

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Best NodeJS Training in Bangalore

In this course, we’ll be teaching the best practices followed in the industry, talking more about the usability. SDLC Training offers best Node.js Training in Bangalore with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working in Node.js and related technologies for more years in MNC’s. Our team of Node.js trainers offers Node.js in Classroom training, Node.js Online Training and Node.js Corporate Training services. We framed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level. Our training will be handled in either a weekday or weekends programme depends on participants requirement.

Node JS a powerful tool for controlling web servers, building applications, and creating event-driven programming and it brings JavaScript, a language familiar to all web developers, into an environment independent of web browsers. Learn all about Node JS and start creating JavaScript applications in this course with me. I show how to install Node JS on Mac, Windows, and dives deep into its modules and Express framework for app development. Learn how to unit test your code, start sessions on web servers, stream data, and create simple command-line tools. Our Training Process

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Node JS makes it possible to write JavaScript applications without a web browser. In this course, I will be showing you how to install Node JS on Mac, Windows, how to use frameworks to start web servers and generate HTML output, how to unit test your code to reduce bugs and errors. We will also learn how to stream data and create command line tools in the node.

Node JS is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node JS uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices so If you can do it in JavaScript you can do it in the node.

                   What you’ll learn

  • Understand why Node is important
  • Install Node
  • Understand the event loop
  • Initialize Node.js projects
  • Create modules with getters and setters
  • Start Express applications
  • Test their code
  • Work with sessions and databases
  • Emit events and attaching listeners
  • Control readable streams

Swathi Reddy

The way of teaching is very good at SDLC. The trainer is also very good.


This institute focuses on fundamentals and so the training was good. I got all my confusions cleared.

Subham K

I liked the training procedure very much. They focuses on practicals more than theory.


Learning Java at SDLC helped me a lot in getting my First Job.

Satheesh Kumar

I have done a course in core java from SDLC training marathahalli and the trainer is very good at explaining things.

People who want to make a career in NodeJS or just want to upgrade your skills by learning NodeJS should definitely join this course. Either you are a student or an IT professional or someone who is looking for a job, Our best NodeJS Training in Bangalore will not just fit in your budget but will also convert you into a professional NodeJS developer/programmer.

Demo Class : Free Demo Session, Flexible TimingsFree Class : Attend 3 Free Classes to check training Quality
Regular : 2 Hour per dayFast Track : 2 – 3 Hours per day: 10 days
Weekdays : AvailableWeekend : Available
Online Training : AvailableClass Room Training : Available
Course Fee : Talk to our Customer SupportDuration : 35 Hours

Node Js Course Content:

  • Intro and Installing Node.js
  • Introduction and What is Node?  
  • Install Node Using Pre-Compiled Binaries  
  • Install Node Using NVM  
Comprehending Node.js
  • Node Exploration  
  • Modules  
  • Events  
NPM Or Node Packaged Modules
  • Initializing Package  
  • Finding Community Packages  
  • NPM  
Working With Modules
  • Creating A Module  
  • Cashing  
  • Object Creational  
Working With Express Framework
  • Express  
  • Handling HTTP Routes  
  • Navigation Route Options  
  • RESTful Routes  
  • Middleware  
  • Layout with Jade  
Unit Testing
  • Decouple Code  
  • Helpers  
  • Writing Tests  
  • Supertest  
Databases and Sessions
  • Database Connection  
  • Database Schemas  
  • Database Query  
  • Using Sessions  
  • Authentication  
Streams and Events
  • Event Emitter  
  • Reading Files  
  • Pausing  
  • Piping  
  • Duplex Stream 

What if I miss a class?

We will provide you the backup classes if you miss any session. You can continue the missed classes from next batch.

How can I request for a demo class?

You can either walk-in to our SDLC training institute in Marathahalli, or you can send the query to us from the website then we can arrange the NodeJS training demo session for you.

What are the payment options?

You can pay directory or you can transfer the money online. We also accept cards.

Will I get the required software from institute?

Definitely you can get or access the software from our server or we can provide the required software to you depending on the course.

Is there any offer or discount I can avail?

Yes, you can find the best offers and discounts which are vary time to time you can check with us.

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