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The Model View Controller (MVC) is the state of the art technology for building Web applications (WebApp) using the Microsoft.NET framework. Here, the emphasis is on Full stack development that involves technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular JS and so on.

Successful completion of the ASP.NET MVC 5.0 Training Program leads to placement assistance by SDLC.

ASP.NET MVC 5.0 Course Details

Duration: 40 hrs1 Session  : 2 hrs
Regular : 20 working days (1 session per day)Fast Track : 10 working days (2 session per day)
Weekdays : AvailableWeekend : Available
Online Training : AvailableClass Room Training : Available
Course Fee : Talk to our Customer SupportAdditional Facilities: Resume preparation and Mock Interviews after 50% of the class completion

Generic Web Concepts (3 hrs)

  • The Webserver
  • Statelessness of the Web
  • The Post back model
  • HttpRequest and HttpResponse model
  • XML through the Http protocol
  • Ports and Firewall
  • Server and Client side code

ASP.NET MVC – The building blocks (6 hrs)

  • ASP.NET MVC Architecture and Application Life Cycle – (1)
  • Asynchronous Programming in MVC – (1)
  • MVC Concepts and Terminologies – (4)

Bundling and minification, Partitioning large applications into “Areas”, Task Support for Asynchronous controllers, Model Binders, Display Modes, Razor view engine, UI helpers with automatic scaffolding with customizable templates, Code-based configuration, Strongly typed HTML helpers, Authentication filters, Filter overrides, Attribute-based model validation on both the client and server, .NET 4 Data Annotations, jQuery Validation, JSON binding, IOC and DI, Dependency resolution and Global action filters, Content negotiation, Unobtrusive JavaScript, Nuget, ASP.NET Identity

Controllers (4)

Routing (2)

  • URLs, URL Rewriting versus Routing
  • Route architecture and URL Generation
  • Traditional versus Attribute based Routing
  • Named Routes
  • MVC Areas and Routing
  • Catch-All Parameters
  • Segments and Multiple Route Parameters
  • StopRoutingHandler & Ignore Routes
  • Route Data
  • Custom Route Constraints

Controller Scaffolding options (2)

  • Options and types of scaffolding available with MVC Controllers.

Views (3)

  • View Basics and Conventions
  • Strongly typed views
  • View Bag, View Data, View Dictionary
  • View Models
  • Partial Views
  • Scaffolding Options for Views
  • Razor View Engine, Code expressions, HTML Encoding, Code blocks, Layouts & View start

Models (2)

  • Model basics
  • Model Binding – Default Model Binder and Explicit Model Binder
  • Role of Model in generating Strongly typed Views.

Data Transfer (Controller <-> View) (4 hrs)

  • View Scaffolding options (Create, Delete….List) on strongly typed views.
  • Passing Data between
    – Controller to View (C->V)
    – View to Controller (C->V) – The 4 methods.
    – View to View (V->V)
    – Controller to Controller (C->C)

Forms and HTML Helpers (2 hrs)

  • HTML Helpers- A list of helpers and their usage with an example – Html.BeginForm(), EndForm(), TextArea(), ValidationSummary(), AntiForgeryToken(), Hiddenfor(), LabelFor(), DropDownList(), ValidationMessageFor(), EditorFor(), TextArea(), TextBox(), Label(), ListBox(), Password(), RadioButton(), CheckBox(), ActionLink(), RouteLink(), Partial, RenderPartial, Action, RenderAction.
  • Strongly Typed Helpers.
  • Templated Helpers.

Data Annotations and Validations (4 hrs)

  • Using Validation Data Annotation – Required, StringLength, RegularExpression, Range, Compare, Remote, Display, ScaffoldColumn, DisplayFormat, ReadOnly, DataType.
  • Pulling validation message from a RESX file.
  • Custom Validation Logic
    – Custom Annotations
    – Self-Validating model (using IValidateObject)
    – Sample App implementing validations

ASP.NET MVC Ajax (4 hrs)

  • AJAX – An Introduction.
  • Custom Scripts
  • AJAX Helpers (AJAX.ActionLink, AJAX.Form)
  • Client Validation
    – jQuery Validation
    – Custom Validation – (using IClientValidatable)
  • JSON processing
  • Sample App – Calling a WCF service using $.AJAX() and Restful service using $.AJAX()

Membership Authorization and Security (4 hrs)

  • Membership, Authorization and Security
  • Authorize Attribute
  • Using Security Vectors
  • Coding Defensively
  • OAuth and OpenId
  • Sample App – Implementing security

Filters and Filter Overrides (2 hrs)

  • Filters – An Introduction

Unit testing MVC applications (2 hrs)

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